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Our Competition Christmas coffee selection gift box is here & it is accompanied by a limited edition Moklair Christmas card, it's the perfect gift for any festive coffee lover!

  1. Jairo Lopez CM

- Jairo and Manuel Lopez, Colombia

- Natural Carbonic Maceration

- Gesha


2) Café Granja La Esperanza MANDELA

- Café Granja La Esperanza, La Esperanza, Colombia

- Natural Anaerobic

- Mandela


3) Café Granja La Esperanza SIDRA

- Café Granja La Esperanza, Potosi, Colombia

- Natural


  • 3 Cafés (150g x 3)


  • Ideal conservation period: 3 months (if unopened)

    Your coffee's greatest enemies are moisture, air, heat, and light. Find a nice spot in your cupboard for storage and don't forget to zip the bag tightly once opened!

    For optimal freshness: we highly recommend you to consume it within 10 days after opening. Keep in mind that grounded coffee lose aromas more easily compared to whole coffee beans.

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