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We are micro-roasters focused on quality rather than quantity. We roast our coffes once a week. They are then placed in sealed packages with valves ready for domestic and international delivery.



We import, roast and package our coffees in the heart of Reims, France.



On vous réponds au plus vite !

Once roasted, coffee beans release large amounts of carbon dioxide during the first twelve hours (this is why we only put them in sachets after this period). They continue to release gas until 7-10 days after roasting (depending on the color of the roast: the darker the roast, the more the coffee will degas). This is why there is a valve that allows excess gas to escape while preventing oxygen from entering. You will find that the bags are inflated due to the saturation of gas. This avoids the oxidation of the coffee beans and maximizes the freshness of your coffee!


  • We recommend enjoying your Moklair coffee 5 days after the roasting date (and not before!) for filter coffee and 7 days after for espressos. Don't worry, we've added this date on the packaging for you to make things simpler!


If you consume your coffee before this rest period the CO2 will bring too much bitterness and an unpleasant attachment. A sealed package keeps its freshness up to 3 months but you can keep it much longer.

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