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The GN-2728 Geisha lot from Abu Coffee is a great example of when farming practices, terroir, varietal and process all come together to create something special. After harvest, cherries are placed in open tanks to ferment aerobically for 24 hours. They are then placed in sealed tanks for 72 hours to ferment anaerobically. They are then dried on rasied beds for 25 days.


Expect tropical fruits, orange and yellow fruits and a deep sweetness. Jose Luttrell is the man behind Abu Coffee. An engineer by trade, Jose champions accuracy and repeatability to his processing experiments. Processing in small batches allows Jose to innovate multiple times per season, conitually learning and applying the results year after year. He has quickly made a name for himself since delving into specialty, taking 6th place in the Geisha Washed Category in the Best of Panama (BoP) 2017. We look forward to seeing what Jose and Abu Coffee have in store next for the specialty coffee world.


Complex cup

changing with temperature and extraction

methods ! Definitely a crush.


Recommandation : Filtre  


Note SCA : 91.5


Classement Moklair : Prodiges



Ferme -Abu Coffee 

Région - Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama



Tropical fruits, orange and yellow fruits and a deep sweetness


Acidité : acidité moyenne


Corps : silky


Process : natural


Variété : Gesha

ABU GN2728


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