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Jairo and Manuel Lopez have produced, once again, this outstanding geisha lot. Margot, who is now working in the fields in Colombia, recently visited the farm and witnessed how their fermentation processes and dry systems were really meticulous and precise. No wonder how this Carbonic Maceration natural lot is so elegant and complex. 


The words of Jairo : We are a family business developed by 4 brothers who were born in the mountains of Quindío, after our father migrated looking for business opportunities. For more than 50 years in the coffee sector, we decided to reinvent our operations to adapt to the demands of a changing global economy, where the innovation and sophistication of our coffees could compete in the most demanding markets.

Our objective is to extend the varieties of our coffee portfolio, both in our cultivated varieties and in purchases from third parties, guaranteeing traceability and support in processing and respecting the environmental conditions of each crop. One of the advantages we have as a company has been the innovation in our own processing processes and models to
achieve the best qualities. We have a continuous supply of our products, since each crop is in its favourable environmental supply, which allows us to have a constant production throughout the year; thus, maintaining an optimal development of the crop that, combined with innovation in processing, has led us to obtain the best cups. This is reflected in the recognition of our product and in the increase in its demand.


Our La Esperanza farm, located in the municipality of Pijao at 1760 metres above sea level, better known as the Quindio mountain range, has a unique environmental offer, where our Geisha varietal is produced with a total of 36,900 trees in production on a total of 14 hectares. of coffee cultivation and 5 hectares in forests and protection areas.

This farm has a 3x3 planting distance which allows the tree to express itself and have enough space to develop and grow in optimal conditions. Through pruning we form the tree in such a way that we have a harvest throughout the year, the coffee plantations are in association with crops (citrus, banana, plantain and flowers).

We have trees from 15 months to 80 months, which guarantees us to have all the stages of the coffee bean at all times and through a good collection carried out by workers in the area we ensure the quality of our product, we offer more than 20 jobs per farm and we have 4 different farms located in the mountain range between (Córdoba- Buenavista and Pijao)


In our farms, the methodology of planting and caring for the environment is essential since we are aware of the change that we must make in our crops, with the non-use of chemicals, shade, pruning our trees should not be cut down for 20-25 years maintaining its production during all this time,
thus keeping our legacy alive for many years.


Mr. Jairo López Agudelo, a civil engineer by profession, gave up a successful career to dedicate himself to his passion, the love of coffee. His father migrated to the Quindio mountain range where he acquired land, leaving his 14 children with farms in the Quindío municipalities.


For more than 40 years the family lived from coffee and it was
10 years ago where Don Jairo with his brothers Edilberto, Jorge and Cesar who make up the Society López Agudelo y Cia. Limitada made the decision to change their traditional cultivation farms for specialty crops with exotic varietals, such as Geisha, Java, Mocca, Bourbon and Castillo.

This society of brothers has 4 farms where their lands cover 97 cultivated hectares, where Mr. Jairo has been in charge of giving special management to their crops so that their development is optimal and lasting. The Lopez family has a coffee trading company where they take care of the entire process, from harvesting the fruit to the final assembly of the green bean, where they deliver to buyers from all over the
world. The generational change is something very important in this
family since Mr.Jairo and his brothers have followed the legacy
that his father left them and now it is his children and his nephew who are in charge of the different processes. of the coffee.


Recommandation : Filtre ou Espresso 


Note SCA : 9O


Classement Moklair : Grand Cru



Ferme - La Esperanza

Région - QUINDIO - PIJAO, Colombia

Alt. 1670m



Blueberry, brioche, strawberries, chamomile, beautiful cacao nibs finish, slightly winy


Acidité : acidité moyenne


Corps : Sirupeux


Process : Carbonic Maceration natural


Variété : Gesha


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